Alternative Games to use to Hone your Football Skills

If you see yourself playing the beautiful game at a professional level, then you may spend a lot of time honing your skills. While you don’t always need to get out in the pouring rain to play, it can feel like this is the most effective way to practice. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as we’re here to tell you about all the games you need to improve these skills in a flash.


Human Foosball

You’ve probably played foosball at one point in your life, perhaps in a bar or pub. This little plastic game often serves to inspire a whole load of competition between those that play it. If you want to take this game to the next level then you can play the life size version, with a little preparation beforehand.


It does look a bit ridiculous but it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s a brilliant party game that will have you pelting balls up and down the field before you know it.



This hybrid game mashes up football and golf to help players refine their strategy. This helps with both power and accuracy, as these are both needed to get the ball in the hole each time. It relies on the same principles of football but it presents them in a cool way that makes it even more fun.


Hybrid football games are really popular, bingo sweets even found a way to blend soccer with bingo. These two unlikely games came together to create a brand new game that players can’t seem to get enough of.



This game is really popular in Europe, with sandy beaches just the thing needed for this version of the game. Players enjoy the game barefoot and some of the best players have endured blistering heat and sand during games.


The ball here is slightly smaller, which makes for a faster paced game. It’s a great spectator sport that will have any football fan loving the action. You can try this game out if you’re trying to improve your precision, though there can be a bit of a learning curve.



This is a super popular game in America, though it doesn’t have quite the same staying power elsewhere. For football players that are attempting to improve their power, this gameplay is just the thing they need. You also have to make sure you’re in control of the ball too, so it’s a great way to practice both elements at once.


Hackey Sack

Often associated with college campuses, Hackey Sack can vastly improve your hand eye coordination. With the small ball and fast paced action, become a master at this game and you’ll find that football is an absolute breeze.

There we have it, try these games indoor or outdoor to hone those skills. You’ll have a great time practicing and when you go back to the beautiful game your skills will be much improved, so you can take on your friends and show off.