Conte Brings In Changes To System At Chelsea

Antonio Conte is working to adopt his former international system for Chelsea, this after his new team continued a trend of disastrous performances. Online sportsbook soccer odds are not exactly in Conte’s favor right now.

Though, the fact that he is looking at Italy’s Euro 2016 campaign for inspiration might actually change things. Graziano Pelle and Eder were two genuine strikers whose presence allowed Italy to deploy a sort of 3-5-2 system; Chelsea has already begun moving towards a 3-4-3 system.

William and Eden Hazard just need to step up to support Diego Costa. Arsenal could have done far more damage during their 3-0 game against Chelsea, who also managed to defeat Hull City in the following game.

Conte’s hope is obviously to reduce the number of goals Chelsea is conceding; the new system puts two midfielders in place to shield the centre-backs, making sure they are not as exposed. Everyone should have noticed Gary Cahill’s penchant for dawdling in possession by now. Chelsea fans will find the additional coverage comforting.

There is a space left by the attacking forays of two wing-backs which might expose the team to exploitation; a combined force of the two wide central defenders (who must manifest added mobility) and the two deeper-lying defenders could put a stop to this.

By the time Chelsea take on Leicester, John Terry should have returned from injury, with Conte most likely placing him in the middle of the central trio. This is the best way for Terry to make effective use of his passing skills, this along with organizing the defense.

No need to waste his talents on covering the wide areas because that tends to expose his lack of pace.

Everyone knows that Terry will have David Luiz by his side; however, the other defender is still a mystery. Cahill’s terrible performance as of late counts him out. Cesar Azpilicueta, on the other hand, can cover the ground quickly and press attackers this making him a viable alternative.

Chelsea has only garnered 13 points in seven games and fans are less than amused by the fact that they are currently in seventh place in the table. By now, Conte is probably contemplating pushing Willian, Hazard, and Pedro Rodriguez to occupy a more advanced position in order to grant them the additional freedom to move.

Hazard, in particular, loves affecting games from central areas. Conte needs to be careful; he cannot have individualistic players doing their own thing; the roving creators must still be tactically diligent in order for the new system to work, this is the only way for the frontline to stand as a cohesive unit.

Some people might be questioning the place of Michy Batshuayu who simply isn’t suited to any of the supportive roles to Costa unless he can change his game; he is unlikely to have a starting spot.

Cesc Fabregas and Oscar both showed great promise at the start but eventually fell flat when it mattered. They are unlikely to fit into the 3-4-3 system, with the underwhelming Nemanja Matic more likely to receive priority ahead of them.

Conte doesn’t have every single answer right now; his plans are still a work in progress. However, if he can work out the kinks, Chelsea could turn things around with this new system.