England v Scotland – Answers

1 – Which year did the two teams first meet? 1872, 1901, or 1912?


2 – Who scored a hat-trick for Scotland in their 5-1 Wembley victory over England

in 1928?

Alex Jackson

3 – What was the score of the 1967 meeting at Wembley that inspired Scotland

fans to crown their team ‘Unofficial World Champions’?

England 2 Scotland 3

4 – Who scored England’s two goals in their Euro 96 victory over Scotland?

Alan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne

5 – In the famous 1977 game at Wembley that resulted in fans tearing up the pitch and breaking the goalposts, who scored the two goals for Scotland in their 2-1 victory?

Gordon McQueen and Kenny Dalglish