Football – The World’s Game As A Global Force

Football is the biggest sport in the world today. The number of people who follow this game is perceived to be more than 200 million worldwide. There are few sports that can command such a huge following week in, week out while bringing people together from different backgrounds and cultures.


FIFA is looking to impove its own image, while currently advocating against racism and inequality in football. They have made it a basic requirement that all equipment must not resemble any political, religious, personal slogans, statements or images which are deemed to be racist in any nature. The team of a player who is found breaking the rule is likely to be sanctioned by FIFA.


People from all kind of walks of life and background (spectators, volunteers and participants) are attracted to football more than any other sporting activity. Even the number of real money casino game players is challenged by soccer fans at the highest payout online casino. There are even real money online slot machines based on the sport. The participation in and popularity of football transcend national cultural, socioeconomic and political boundaries.


Football has the ability to connect people and communities. This is because the sport is a social process. It brings together players, coaches, teams, volunteers, spectators, football authorities, government agencies and international organizations.


Football offers an effective communication platform. Football has now established itself as a cultural commodity, a true source of global mass entertainment. As mentioned above, there are online slots sites offering sports-themed games. The sport is very far-reaching making it a powerful platform for communication. Most football stars, both men and women, have gone on to become ambassadors, spokespersons and representatives for various developmental, economic, cultural, political and social issues.


Sports has the unique power to empower, motivate and inspire. Football motivates people by making them realize they can excel. This raises hope and creates a positive attitude for living and the future. It also promotes positive values which have a lasting impact, especially on young people. They learn fair play, discipline, teamwork and how to cope with success or failure both during games and in real life. The life skills they acquire increase their self-confidence and thus employability.