PSG Shows Interest In Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata

25-year-old striker Alvaro Morata seems to be at the peak of his powers for Chelsea at the moment.

The Blues just recently defeated Manchester United – something even more satisfying than it used to be for supporters given that José Mourinho now heads up United – and did so with Morata looking sharper than he has for weeks.

The young striker scored the only goal of the match with a powerful header just after halftime, arguably making the highlight of the season for Chelsea thus far.

While it was his most noteworthy performance in a few weeks, Morata has done fairly efficient work in his first season at Stamford Bridge. Heading over from Real Madrid over the summer, he was mentioned as someone who could be one to watch in a preseason EPL preview that included odds on top scorer. Making good on that lofty prediction. Morata now sits just one goal out of the league lead (which is shared by Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane at the moment). Morata’s play has been particularly important given Diego Costa’s sudden and somewhat unceremonious exit from the Premier League.

Now, however, Chelsea supporters are once again facing headlines connecting a star transfer to other teams. Specifically, PSG is targeting a move for Morata this coming summer, under the expectation that Edison Cavani will be leaving town. Reports out of Paris (and some of the action on the field) suggest that Cavani has not had an easy time adjusting to the presence of Neymar Jr. this season, and that has led many to expect he will be seeking another club come the offseason. That would leave a gap in PSG’s vaunted attacking trio (which currently features Neymar, Cavani, and Kylian Mbappe).

If early reports are to be believed, Morata is not just an idea, but the primary target PSG will seek to fill that gap. He would provide some similar qualities to those that have made Cavani such a success – both players are athletic and versatile forwards. And he would allow PSG to move forward without missing a beat as the best attacking team in Ligue 1.

That said, this is the sort of rumor that often surfaces without much backing in European football. While the pieces fit together and the idea seems logical, it would seem unlikely for Morata to move again after only just arriving in London. Additionally, the fee Chelsea would demand of PSG would very likely be prohibitive, given they spent a club record sum acquiring Morata from Real Madrid in the first place. If we had to speculate, we’d say the move seems unlikely.

Even so, it’s a situation worth keeping an eye on.